Academic Classes

Introduction to Strain Gauge Measurements to the future generation


In this elaborated introduction to strain gauge measurements, the purpose is to introduce the students to the basics of strain gauges with a large enough amount of information so they know what to expect in a real life working environment.

When I started as an engineer I got introduced to strain gauges by my colleagues just a couple of days before having to install a strain gauge myself  in the field. You may imagine that this was quite a challenge to perform a qualitative installation with only a brief introduction I just received. Therefore now as a trainer in strain gauge installations I offer these introductions through the Strain Academy with the goal of passing on the necessary basics there where it is the most fruitfull, to academic people.

During this 2 - 3 hour session the students will be introduced to what a strain gauge is, what the applications are, how to measure a strain gauge, what to pay attention to when installing a gauge and what different types of forces we can measure with different installation setups. We bring this in a playful way with lots of anecdotes out of the field and small demo tests with actual measurements!

Are you a professor, teacher, phd student or any other academic personnel who is interested in introducing their students into strain gauges and their many applications? Click on the button and get into the magic!

Program Topics

  • What is a strain gauge?
  • What does it measure exactly?
  • How do we measure a strain gauge?
  • What are the many applications?
  • Essentials to install a gauge
  • Different circuitries (Quarter, half and full bridge)
  • What forces do we measure and how
  • Demo tests
  • Open discussion and questions